About Us


The Pulse COALITION For Healthcare Reform is a new alliance comprised of like minded organizations and individuals who all share the common goal of reforming a terminally ill healthcare system. 



PULSE is dedicated to raising awareness about patient safety and reducing medical errors through advocacy, education, and support. We work to empower patients and their families to make informed decisions, increase effective communication and respect between healthcare providers and clients, and create community partnerships that will foster and ultimately lead to safer healthcare environments.


·         Provide support to patients and families who have experienced medical errors or adverse events as they seek closure

·         Assist in reducing misunderstandings between patients and healthcare providers

·        Educate the community about quality healthcare practice so they may become knowledgeable, confident, and active participants in their health care experience.

  • Provide a platform for effective communication and working partnerships whereby the community works with healthcare providers and institutions to proactively contribute to and advocate for safe quality care